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The books are a direct result of research into Jane Grisewood and predominantly Richard Long’s own documentation methods for recording events and specific moments in time during my MA.  They have developed due to the site-specific nature of my evolving work and my desire to record my work on the sites.


Due to the nature that the three monuments, particularly ‘Avebury’, are ‘no label’ sites or ‘clean sites,’ combined with the need to remain true to the Neolithical period, as it would have been 4500years ago; I was not permitted to leave work on the stones.   Their requirement that the site and the area be ecological, sustainable and natural feeding into the response I created.  Therefore, there was no way that the work could be viewed by the public and this was a form of recording its’ ‘passing’.  Somehow, this restriction only supported the notion of creating an ephemeral, transitory response and so it all seemed quite fitting.

The woven pieces and the books trace the geological line running from Avebury through to Woodhenge and Stonehenge and finally to Old Sarum that is 'The Great Stones Way.'

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