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For further details and booking please contact 
Sharon Kearley 07746 084 970 / 


Appleshaw House Textiles 


"Draw in Weave"


So excited to announce a series of weave design workshops with an emphasis on creative fun and experimentation that is suitable for all levels...the beginner or non starter weaver or advanced. Two x 5 week classes running in the Autumn Term 2022.  Click on the link for further information and a very attractive 'early bird' booking.



The course is designed for those with basic weave, knit and crochet knowledge, the aim is to develop existing knowledge and confidence. For those that are more established in their craft will continue to push their skills and understanding to a deeper level of investigation in this workshop.

The course takes you on a journey researching initial concept, designing a personal brief, translating research, creating mood and colour boards, communicating and interpreting ideas of colour, texture, pattern and repeat. You will be encouraged to reflect and evaluate your ideas throughout the process, focusing on your strengths and interests as these skills are key in any designers’ personal growth.

If you are interested in booking this course, please see contact details above.

"Concept to Cloth"
A Design based workshop

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