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For further details and booking please contact 
Sharon Kearley 07746 084 970 / 

Workshops for 2024

I am planning on running two workshops in early 2024.  Places are limited to 3-4.

If interested in signing up or for further enquiries please contact me

Absolute Beginners Guide to Weave

If you have ever been curious about weaving and fancy ‘giving it a go,’ then this is perfect for you! On this one day course you will learn to weave on pre-prepared table looms.  We will cover basic structures, learn about the importance of colour and texture through experimenting with a wide range of weft yarns.  Handouts will be provided and you will take home a collection of samples or a length of woven cloth.

Introduction to Weaving on a Table Loom


This is an intense but hugely rewarding and enjoyable workshop, delivered over three full days.  


Each participant will have the opportunity to weave on a table loom, you will learn to design your own warp, make a warp, dress the loom, learn to read weave patterns and design your own and weave a selection of samples in basic weave structures.  You will learn about the importance of colour and texture in weave design, and you will have the opportunity to build on your knowledge and experiment as your confidence grows.  


You will finish the course with a basic grasp on weaving and an array of samples to show for it.  The course is learner led and responds to each students pace of learning.

Concept to Cloth - Digital Course


I love teaching this course, which gently nudges the student to actively take risks, challenge themselves, be playful and have fun.


I have been asked to run this course online, and am currently designing and planning how that could be done successfully.  A combination of handouts, regular zooms and online teaching.  I hope to have something set up for 2024.  


If this is something you would like to attend please do drop me an email.

Here are some great comments.


“Thank you again for a wonderful day of freedom and creativity.”

“Thank you for a lovely day of exploration.  I never knew I liked orange so much!”

“It was a real creative challenge and treat rolled into one.”


In Person Workshop        September 30 @ 10:00am - 4:00pm

Digital Meet                         October 28th @ 10:00am - 12.00noon

We are delighted that Sharon Kearley will be joining us once again for this inspiring course  designing for all areas of constructed textiles, giving you the confidence to take your design skills to the next level. 


The course is designed for anyone with a basic knowledge of constructed textiles in all its broader forms; weave, knit, stitch, felting, patchwork, crochet, lace, embroidery, with the single aim of developing your existing knowledge and confidence to design your own projects.  For those that are more established in their craft, Sharon will continue to push your skills and understanding to a deeper level of investigation in this workshop.


The emphasis is to break down the fear of the design process through playful, fun and no nonsense experimentation, to harness your inner creative child.  No rules, no boundaries and above all Sharon will give you permission to push your creativity and unleash your rebellious nature for a day.


The course is split into two parts, an in person workshop and a regroup in a digital meet to celebrate your achievements.  Sharon will be on hand throughout to provide encouragement, inspiration, feedback, help and technical advice.

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