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Triangle Series

This body of work is inspired by Bauhaus Theory applying a diagnostic exploratory approach, responding to the physicality and sensitivity of materials combining weave and print processes.  The work is based on research of Kandinsky and his theories of harmonious and disharmonious diagonals across a plane.  Sharon investigates the potential of linear connections, sequence and repeat within a compositional space, applying minimal and focused use of colour, series, scale and multiples.

"The Harmonious Triangle "


Harmonious Triangle

Handwoven cube

10cm2 & 5cm2

KearleySharon5 copy.jpg

"The Harmonious Triangle Wallhanging"

Handwoven with Lino print inserts

30 x 60 cms


"Harmonious Triangle" 

Framed weave winding


"Disharmonious Triangle Series"


"The Disharmonious Triangle"

 Handwoven cube 2 of 3


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